Gallbladder Surgery Avoided

Written by Lew Andrews

One Sunday in the fall of 2015, I had a gallbladder attack and the pain was so intense that I asked my wife to drive me to the emergency room at St. Luke’s Hospital. During my stay thereĀ for several hours, I was given 3 or 4 morphine injections to relieve the pain. Blood tests were run and x-rays taken and I was sent home with instructions to call a surgeon the next day for an appointment. The surgeon scheduled me that same week for gallbladder surgery.

The next day I went for my scheduled chiropractic appointment. When I told him that I was scheduled for surgery, he said that it was my body but 97% of all surgeries were not necessary and he had a gallbladder flush that should take care of the problem if I wanted to try it. I told him that I did.

That night I followed the instructions which consisted of drinking a measured amount of virgin olive oil and lemon juice 4 times within an hour before going to bed.

The next morning when I went to the bathroom, I heard the ping I had been told to listen for and the pain was gone. I canceled my surgery that day. A few weeks later I had a small episode of pain and repeated the flush. I have not had any problem with my gallbladder since.

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