USA Wellness and Health Network Board

Board Members

Denison Smith
Founder, Chairman, and President

William “Vic” Calhoun
Vice President and Executive Director, State of Idaho

Jerry Arthur Brookshire


Max Miller
General Counsel

Michael Oswald
Idaho Counsel

Advisory Board Members

In-depth experience in business, marketing/media, politics and organization building

Genie Andrews
Larry E. Craig
David DeHaas
Bill Dovel, CPMP
Gerald Garcia, Jr.

Julie Johnson, NTP, nutritional therapist, owner of ‘Nourishme‘ in Ketchum, Idaho
Jean Munoz Keese
Dan Kiely
Olga LazĂ­n-Andrei, Ph.D.
Robert H. Neugebauer, President, National Integrative Health & Wellness Project, Inc
Thomas Quinlan
Wayne Allyn Root
Arizeder Urreztieta
James W. Wilkie, Ph.D.
Jonathan Vincent Wright, M.D.

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